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This document outlines essential information for a Member Official Contact, summarizing the Statutes, Rules of Procedures, and Technical Working Procedures from the ETSI Directives. These legal documents define the rights and obligations between ETSI and its members.

1: Getting Started

I am a Member Official Contact

You became the Official Contact when designated by the signatory of the application form or by replacing the previous contact. As the Official Contact, you are the main representative of your organization to ETSI and often the Voting Contact for member votes. If no Financial Contact is specified, you assume that role as well.

My responsibilities

Please ensure all organizational data is accurate and regularly updated. Only Official Contacts can modify membership information via the ETSI Web interface (see 3: "Maintenance of an organization’s membership data"). As an Official Contact, you can also declare additional Voting Contacts by contacting

You should follow up on the annual membership contribution payment status.

You should reply to requests from the membership team concerning membership reviews for the following year.

Actions from the ETSI Secretariat

All membership information is sent to the Official Contact (e.g., Collective Letters). Please distribute relevant information within your organization. The ETSI Membership team ( is your contact for membership-related questions or modifications.

The Operations (OPS) and Standardization Services (STS) departments offer advice and support to Reference Bodies (e.g., Technical Bodies (TBs), Industry Specification Groups (ISGs) etc.).

See the Committee Support Staff.

2: Important Deadlines

Membership review for the following calendar year

All member contributions for the following year are based on the declared position as of 30 September of the previous year.

As per Article 2 of Annex 2 of the ETSI Rules of Procedure, organizations must review their ICT & Electronics Communications Related Turnover (ECRT) or the country's GDP for administrations and confirm their membership type (ME / SME) before the autumn General Assembly, informing the Secretariat of any changes.

This information is used to calculate each organization's Contribution class for the next year's membership dues and to construct the ETSI annual budget.

The membership team sends a reminder to all official contacts sometime before the deadline.

Payment of membership contributions or fees

All contributions and observer fees are due in January, with a 5% late payment penalty for payments made after 30 April.

Suspension of access rights in June if payment is not made by 31 May.

Expulsion from ETSI membership and file transfer to debt recovery agency if payment is not made by 31 August.

Resignation from ETSI membership

ETSI membership automatically renews unless the member organization resigns before 30 September, effective at year-end.

To resign your organization’s ETSI membership by year-end, submit a request via the web interface or email before September 30. Notifications received after September 30 will result in membership ending on December 31 of the following year, and contributions for that year will still be due.

3: Working Tools and related topics

ETSI OnLine (EOL) accounts

As the Official Contact, you've been granted an EOL account, providing access to password-protected areas within ETSI and facilitating your engagement in technical activities. Delegates representing member organizations can also apply for an EOL account via the ETSI Portal.

It's crucial to note that as the Official Contact, you'll receive notifications regarding all EOL accounts created under your organization's name. These accounts remain active unless you request their deletion. Regularly reviewing the list of individuals representing your organization is encouraged.

When logged into the Portal, any EOL account holder can perform various actions, including resetting the username and/or password and changing the password and updating personal contact details.

Maintenance of an organization’s membership data

As the Official Contact, it's vital to maintain accurate and up-to-date data for your organization. Only the Official Contact (and the Financial Contact, for financial details) can request changes to membership information.

With your EOL account, you can access and request changes to your organization’s data as follows:

·       View and edit member organization’s general information (name, address, category, phone number, etc.)

·       Change the official, voting, or financial contacts' names

·       Request removal of delegates representing the member organization

·       View the payment status of invoices and pay via the online interface by credit card (to be published soon)

Please note: All change requests made via the web interface are forwarded to the Membership team for database updates, following your clarification if needed.

4: Rules and Policies

ETSI Directives

The ETSI Directives can be downloaded from the ETSI Portal.

ETSI Information Policy

The summary of the Information Policy can be downloaded from our website.

5: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Membership contributions or fees

Invoices for ETSI membership contributions or fees are emailed to the Official Contact (and Financial Contact, if different) at the year's end for the following year. All contributions and observer fees are due in January, with a 5% late payment penalty for payments made after 30 April.

Non-payment results in a Final Demand by registered letter, and access to ETSI Online services is suspended from 1 June. Upon payment, access rights are reinstated, but you and your organization’s delegates must re-register for mailing lists. Failure to pay within deadlines can lead to expulsion from ETSI and transfer of debt to a recovery agency.

Re-application for ETSI membership is not possible until any outstanding debt is cleared.

Useful URLs for membership and participation in technical work

ETSI membership details are accessible on the Portal home page.

3GPP Membership: An ETSI member with a Class of Contribution of 1 or 2 who applies for 3GPP membership via ETSI pays an extra fee. From class 3 onward, the 3GPP membership is covered by the ETSI membership contribution.

To check the 3GPP membership status of your organization, please view the 3GPP website.

To apply for 3GPP membership see the various Organizational Partners via the 3GPP website.

In addition to the ETSI/3GPP membership contribution, ETSI/3GPP members are asked to indicate their expected attendance at face-to-face meetings to support 3GPP F2F meeting funding. For more information see the information on the ETSI website or contact

oneM2M Membership: Any ETSI member can join oneM2M with no additional fees. Apply for oneM2M membership through their dedicated portal.

To participate in Approval Procedures for ETSI Standards (ESs) and ETSI Guides (EGs), use the eApproval application. Only Member Official Contacts or designated Voting Contacts can vote or comment on ESs and EGs.

Access various mailing lists through the TB Membership application.

Explore additional resources such as the ETSI ENJOY! MAGAZINE, EVENTS list, and access to ETSI Logos.

Stay updated with the ETSI Meetings Calendar, Work Programme and Web Standards Search, where you can set alerts for updates on your chosen deliverables.

6: Contact Information ETSI membership

ETSI membership team for administrative matters

+33 (0)4 92 94 42 69 or +33 (0)6 83 19 31 40

Postal address:


Membership team

650 Route des Lucioles

06921 Sophia Antipolis CEDEX

Director for Membership Development (questions of potential members)

+33 4 92 94 43 83 or +33 6 72 28 52 64